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We've developed a search algorithm for finding automatic markdown deals on overstocked sizes of shoes.
It finds secret deals that are otherwise almost impossible to discover.

How does it work?
Hint: It's a little more complicated than most people realize.

How I stumbled across an unlikely size-specific shoe deal


Last year I needed to replace my hiking boots. I happened to look on for my favorite model. Amazon was selling the boots for $150. This was already a good deal, but when I selected my size, the price dropped by almost $100!

It didn't make sense, but I wasn't complaining. I replaced my favorite pair of boots for $50 rather than $150. I was thrilled at my good luck.

I checked the next day and found Amazon had raised the price of that size back to $150. Was the deal I got a mistake? Why did Amazon briefly drop the price of only that single size of the hiking boots? Was this temporary discount of a single shoe size common?

I started exploring Amazon's shoe pricing patterns

I couldn't stop thinking about the amazing deal I got on my replacement hiking boots. I searched hundreds of shoes on Amazon and started tracking price changes and here's what I found:

Amazon massively discounts single sizes or colors of a shoe model all the time! Often each individual size of a shoe is priced differently.

It looks like Amazon automatically sets the price of different size and color variations based on supply and demand. These prices can change as often as every few hours.

Too many size 10 variations of a shoe model in stock? Amazon will keep lowering the price of the size 10's until they start selling. Sometimes the price of a single size or color will drop absurdly low. There are tons of these deals where a single size will be marked down 60 to 70% compared to the other sizes. Over the past few months, I've seen discounts as big as 94% off.

Amazon can't advertise these deals, because they're only on single sizes of a shoe. Most people would be irritated if they were told a pair of shoes was 70% off, but then discovered that only one of the many sizes was on sale, and not their size.

These discounts aren't calculated using inflated "original prices" like at a mattress store.

It's the price difference between a specific size of a shoe and the most common price of its other sizes.

Here's an example of one of these deals: Let's say a pair of Reeboks is priced at $100. Almost every size will cost $100, but then for some weird reason, size 8 is only $40. If finds this discount, we'll mark it as "60% off."

Out of the thousands of shoes on, what is the biggest discount in your size right now?

This is a pretty tough question. There's no way on to sort by discounts that occur only in your shoe size. You have to rely on blind luck to stumble across this type of discount.

I decided to build a tool that can answer exactly this question. I named it BlueMoon.Deals because it finds deals in your size that only happen "once in a blue moon." The results are fantastic. Even though the deals are few and far between, since has tens of thousands of shoes, there are always quite a few deals at any one time for each shoe size. constantly combs through tens of thousands of shoe variations on Amazon, finds size-specific discounts, and then ranks them by shoe size.

Here's what's really great about it: You can see the best deals only in your size, ranked by biggest discount first. You can check back every day and Blue Moon Deals will always find new bargains in your size. I guarantee there's no other reasonable way to find these deals without BlueMoon.Deals.

Why I built

I don't think anyone enjoys advertising on websites. You may have noticed that I publish this site without the standard mess of ads you see at every other site. If you turn off your ad-blocker, things don't look much different on Wonderland Guides. The problem is that we've got bills to pay, and a few little ads just aren't cutting it.

Instead of inundating you with pop-up ads and product placements, I want to provide something that has true value. I love saving money, and I love a good bargain, especially when it's on a necessity like shoes. I bet you do too. uncovers some killer bargains on Amazon.

Using it takes only a few seconds to see today's biggest size-specific shoe discounts in the size you wear. It's that simple. No sign-ups, no BS, just the best hidden deals in Amazon's shoe department. If you click through and buy a pair of these shoes, Wonderland Guides gets a small commission. It costs you nothing extra. You'll be buying from, just as normal, but getting deals you'd never find otherwise, and supporting our site in the process.

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